FINALLY: China Beats Ghana To Become World’s Leading Exporter Of Gold In New Ranking

China is the new World’s Leading exporter of gold. 

China beat competition from Ghana and South Africa to become the leading gold exporter in 2020. This is according to figures from the Ghana Chamber of Mines.

According to the report, China successfully exported 368 metric tons of gold in the year under review. 

Meanwhile, Ghana exported only 114 metric tons; with South Africa following with 91 metric tons. 

However, Ghana was the leading exporter of gold in Africa. This is despite the fact that total Gold production in Ghana declined marginally from 2019 to 2020. 


Gold fields Ghana Ltd accounted for majority of this figure after it recorded the highest volumes of production for last year; among mining firms in Ghana.

According to the Ghana Chamber of Mines, Goldfields produces about 18 percent of Ghana’s total Gold produced last year. 

Newmont followed in second place with 18 percent. These figures are coming on the back of Ghana’s battle against the menace of illegal mining eating through river bodies and forest belts.

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