FEATURE: Prelude To Exposition On The True Meaning Of Occultism

One of these days by grace, I shall explain the true meaning of Occultism. 

Transposing the scriptures from the old Testament perspective and with series of personal spiritual encounters, it was clear to me that Every anointing of God comes with its own limitations due to the humane nature of the recipient of such anointing. 

The limitations associated with a particular anointing depends on the limitation or weakness that heralded the encounters of the Pioneer. For example the anointing pioneers like Elijah, John the Baptist, Moses; Mohammed etc were novel anointing God in His majestic knowledge blessed humanity with so He can gradually fraternize with ALL lost humans. These individuals though mighty had their own limitations that caped their works. Very intricate and deeper mysteries, that requires series of encounters to really understand. 

Even with Jesus Christ, the Messiah and the most Anointed, the burden on Him was the death on the cross of cavalry. Persecution, I mean. Jesus’s own weakness was the death on cross the Calvary. That actually became His limitation because He needed to submit to death. It therefore took the Holy Spirit of God to give Him Power to overcome death by resurrection from Death. So it is said that anybody who carries the burden of Jesus definitely gets persecuted, because the master Himself was killed or persecuted as such. 

So even Jesus Christ had limitations associated with works. If you read the bible you will really appreciate the limitation on all these great men of the Almighty God. So Jesus came to carry the ultimate curse for humanity to seal all covenants.


Nobody shall be greater than His master thus it’s very dangerous to walk (knowingly) with the anointing of any human being. Be warned of the evil doctrine Called Impartation which has crept into the body of Christ lately. No human being has the right to bestow his anointing on the fellow with the exception of the Holy Spirit who deems it fit to impact you with which ever class of anointed you might deserve. Remember, this is the season of grace not bondage. To be in Bondage is when you think you are operating straightly under any other persons anointing.  Think about these brethren.

God has dealt with humans generously over the centuries, and has consistently refined His modus of Impartation over the years. The Holy Spirit is the last. If you are previewed to the dangers of person to person impartations as known in the church today, you will appreciate this message.

The effect of these modus of impartation is a manifold system of power that trickles down to every believer. It is Almighty Himself who has arranged these trickling effects. It works anyway but I will plead with you to receive your impartation straight from the Holy Spirit. Be born again, Repent of your sins and get close to God. Read your bible and get interested in the works of the Almighty, yearn for His manifestation by Living a Holy Life and I believe He will impart you with the spirit you deserve to serve Him well. 

You are likely to be infested with lust if the person who practically anointed you has issues of lust. What killed the master shall definitely kill the servant. Continue seeking and wait on your turn with the Holy Spirit.

God is with us so don’t be scared. Read your bible, meditate and pray for more grace. This Jesus is so great brethren. 

Let us serve Christ with consciousness rather than emotions.

May the Lord Jesus have mercy.

Author  ||  Frimpong (DePunch contributor) 

Source || DePunch.com

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