Chris Hemsworth makes shocking confession about playing Thor character

Chris Hemsworth has these days confessed he cherished the ride of taking part in Thor persona however frequently acquired ailing of doing it “every couple of years”.

In an interview with British GQ, Hemsworth said, “I love the experience. I love the truth that I’ve been in a position to do some thing pretty exceptional for the duration of the process.”

“Thor 1 and two had been their very own thing, Thor three and four had been a very specific feel,” cited the Extraction star.

“And then… Avengers, the Lebowski Thor, the Infinity War Thor, due to exclusive administrators and I suppose primarily my very own want to do some thing different.”


However, he pointed out, “You know, I acquired in poor health of the persona exceedingly speedy each and every couple of years.”

Speaking of taking part in Thor in the future, Chris remarked that he would want every other “tonal revamp”.

“If I was once going to do some thing once more it would have to be tonally different,” asserted the actor.

The actress added, “And we’d have to do some thing very drastic to maintain humans on their toes.”

“Otherwise, it’s simply the fatigue of these characters and these films, the place humans are like, ‘I’ve considered it’.”

“I truly wanna do some different stuff for a while,” concluded Chris.

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