Chairman Wontumi: Biography, Net Worth (2022), Real Name, Age, Houses, Wife, Cars and More

Chairman Wontumi

Chairman Wontumi rose to fame after venturing into Ghana’s political space and currently serves as the Chairman of the NPP in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

Since joining politics, he has become maverick and a strong member and defender of the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

This article covers details of Chairman Wontumi’s net worth, real name, age, cars, houses, wife, businesses and more.

Chairman Wontumi Profile

Chairman Wontumi was born as Bernard Antwi Bosiako on 1st May 1976 in the Ashanti region. His dad is a Chief around the Lake Bosomtwi area but his mum died at an early age of 38 years. Chairman Wontumi attended the prestigious Prempeh College in Kumasi in 1994, rebutting claims that he has never been to school.

After Prempeh College, he attended a 6 months bible course in the United States of America and ventured into ministry. He returned to Ghana and later traveled to the United Kingdom (UK) where he first got a job as a cleaner, then as a security personnel, then a gym instructor and a bouncer.

He returned to Ghana after several years in the UK due to issues with his wife he was living with in UK back then. On his return to Ghana, things were not easy for him, so he had to perch with a female friend at Tema where he lived for 4 months until he got himself an apartment.

He got involved in import business and was supplying some top department stores in Kumasi back in the days including A-life supermarket, Opoku Trading enterprise and an Indian businessman. Things went from bad to worse when his business collapsed and he had to beg to be employed as a security guard at the Indian man’s retail store.

He took it up from scratch and began building himself up until he finally landed in the galamsey pit as a miner.

He currently has business interests in the mining sector, road construction sector, owns a private security agency, is into farming. and runs several media houses in Accra and Kumasi.

Chairman Wontumi
Chairman Wontumi

Chairman Wontumi Real name

Chairman Wontumi’s real name is Bernard Antwi Bosiako.

Place of Birth

Chairman Wontumi was born in Kumasi in the Ashanti Regional capital of Ghana.

Date of Birth

Chairman Wontumi was born on 1st May, 1976.


Chairman Wontumi is 47 years old (2023)


Chairman Wontumi’s father is a Chief around the Lake Bosomtwi area. According to him, his father gave birth to many children which he is very proud of.

His mother, however, who died very early at the age of 38, gave birth to 5 children before her demise.

Chairman Wontumi net worth

Chairman Wontumi has made a lot of money mainly through small scale mining and politics. He mentioned that he used to make a million-dollar in a day from his mining firm; and owns about 100 houses in Kumasi alone. Chairman Wontumi also recently claimed that he has a net worth of about $10 billion; far exceeding to his estimated net worth of $10 million.

Chairman Wontumi Houses

Chairman Wontumi has over 100 houses including three (3) mansions. He claims that he built his first house at age 22.

Chairman Wontumi Cars

Chairman Wontumi has disclosed that he is a lover of cars and has almost all the luxury cars in the world you can think of.

Talk of a Roll Royce, a Benz G-wagon, Benz Mayback, Escalade, Jeep Wrangler, Ferrari and many more cars.

Chairman Wontumi Wife

Chairman Wontumi is married to Michylina Antwi Bosiako.

Chairman Wontumi Gold Chain

The NPP bigwig has been spotted wearing an iconic gold chain which he mostly puts around his neck when he stops out for programs. That chain, according to him, is estimated to be worth $200,000.


Wontumi Radio/Movement TV

Wontumi Communications Limited (WCL) operators of Wontumi 101.3FM, Wontumi TV and Wontumi Online in Kumasi recently launched their Accra counterparts; Wontumi Radio and Movement TV.

The two media outfits based in Accra are housed in Wontumi’s ultra-modern studio he began building in 2020. The media outfits began test transmission in November 2021 and began full fledged programs in the first quarter of 2022.

Wontumi's ultra-modern studio for Wontumi FM 95.9 based in Accra.

One of the notable recruitments for Wontumi’s Accra based media outfit was Ghana’s Queen of interviews, Deloris Frimpong Manso aka Delay. But her recruitment did not come without controversy as her known public enemy, Afia Scharzenegger publicly bashed Chairman Wontumi for recruiting Delay ahead of her.

Delay in the studio of Wontumi Radio 95.9
Delay in the studio of Wontumi Radio 95.9

Wontumi Radio and Movement TV were set up to compete in the Twi-speaking mass market demography; and mainly cover programmes such entertainment, politics and sports.

Chairman Wontumi Chelsea bid

The Ghanaian business mogul submitted a bid to buy English Premier League club, Chelsea. In a letter that went viral on Social media on March 09 2022 after the club was put up for sale. Benard Antwi Boasiako popularly known as “Chairman wontumi” said he had put in a bid for $3.1bn (£2.4m).

This made him the first African to express interest in owning the European Champions, Chelsea.

Many wondered why a politician and an owner of a gold mine would want to invest in football business, since he has never expressed any public interest in sports.

Many Ghanaians perceived this announcement as a joke but he responded in an interview with a local media outfit saying; Do you see me as a joke person? So is money supposed to be given, owned by angels or ghosts? At the moment, we are bidding so I don’t want to talk a lot. My lawyers and financiers are going so once they finish everything, there will be more details.”

Top football stars like Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo and Paris Saint-Germain’s Lionel Messi are among those he said he hoped to sign if he was successful with his bid.

In a ranking of Chelsea’s richest bidders, Chairman Wontumi placed 8th with an estimated net worth of £7.7m.

Chairman Wontumi sits at 8th position after Chelsea's richest bidders were ranked

Why Chairman Wontumi could not buy Chelsea

Chelsea was put on the market due to controversies surrounding Russian owner Roman Abramovich following his country’s invasion of Ukraine. However, his plans to sell the club were put on hold due to UK governments imposed asset freezes.

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