Beautiful Ghanaian Twins Say They Want To Marry And Share One Man…VIDEO

Two very beautiful sisters who are twins have stated that they are willing to marry one man. 

Speaking on the Vibes In 5 show with Arnold Elavanyo, the two women called Linda and Belinda gave further details to their request. 

And some of the conditions they gave is that the man should not be a divorce but can have up to 2 children. 

However, they added that they will never marry an man who works in the security services because they are big time womanizers. 

Watch the video below… 


In a more recent interview on Friday 1st October, 2021 on Accra 100.5fm, Linda and Belinda reiterated their willing to marry and share one man.

The man who gets to marry these set of beautiful twins will be a very lucky man.

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